Anonymous: I don't even follow you but your selfie showed up on my dash as suggested and you're actually gorgeous you go girl

omg what seriously?? Thank you omfg

so many people are still bitching about nathan on twitter etc and it’s so annoying i stg like i understand why people are pissed at him and i’m not arselicking nathan by writing this (because believe me at first i wanted to hit him with a shovel) but the wanted split up like 3 months ago and it really doesn’t look like they’re ever going to get back together so can you really blame the kid for wanting to move on? don’t get me wrong i would still prefer him to perform with the boys on sunday but it’s not happening so lets just move on. a fan spoke to him about fusion a while back and he was rambling on about how excited he was to perform and how fusion was an amazing festival to do so if anything it doesn’t look like he’s willingly not doing the gig, or if it is his choice then something has obviously happened within the band to make him not be there. idk it just makes me mad bc i understand some people are pissed but some people are being so overly cruel to him about it which i think is unnecessary because we don’t know the details but yeah.. it would be nice to hear an explanation from him but what’s done is done and i think some people need to be a bit less harsh bye

Anonymous: I found the reason, they ignored me. That's why I can't see their post anymore :(

Aw man. I’m sorry :(

Anonymous: No they're still active on it, it started happening after they unfollowed me :/

Oh, I’m not too sure then :/



Youtube music awards? seriously? what’s next? Instagram’s next top model?



shoutout to all the nathan girls out there who dont agree with nathan not going to fusion festival YOU GO GLEN COCO YOU NEVER HAVE TO AGREE WITH EVERY LITTLE THING NATHAN DOES OR SAYS OR FAVOURITES



Yet another great twitter convo

It gets better



Yet another great twitter convo

It gets better


Anonymous: Someone I follow isn't showing up on my dashboard anymore, do you know why?

I’m not too sure :/ have they deactivated their blog at all?


"It’s Max George and the Shark-Street-Boys!"